Thrillist ; “10 Fall Restaurant Openings in Austin to Get Excited About”

By James Wong

Published August 16, 2021

We all have that ‘about town’ friend who seems to discover all the cool new digs before anyone else. You know, the one who’s social media is basically your Austin bucket list. The one who you secretly want to be when you grow up… wait, newsflash, you’re already grown up. Yikes.

But sweat you shall not (inside, at least), there’s still time to claim that coveted ‘about town’ crown. To throw you a bone, we’ve rounded up 10 of Austin’s most exciting fall openings, each so shiny and new that we don’t even know the menu details yet—but we do know that local foodies are already salivating over them, so the high hopes are flying. You have until the end of the summer to cash out those Olive Garden and Cheesecake Factory gift cards, champ, because come fall, you’re bound to be a bonafide culinary trendsetter.

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Credit:  Thrillist

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